Participate in Woori Bank’s non-face-to-face account opening event and receive Lotteria boneless chicken half pack

Woori Bank’s non-face-to-face account opening eventTEXT/PHOTO @SUKIPAPADue to the ongoing COVID-19, he continues to refrain from contacting people as much as possible without concealing his anxiety.Just in case, they refrain from visiting restaurants, order home meals or delivery food, and try to enjoy themselves as much as possible in a restricted environment with their children while looking for play items at home.But you can’t solve everything at home.Visits are essential, such as having to go to the mart to buy food, including daily necessities, and finding a bank to handle financial-related tasks.However, as the number of non-face-to-face services that can handle such tasks while minimizing human contact is increasing as much as possible, the era of untact has entered.As the number of non-face-to-face services that can handle most things conveniently anytime, anywhere, as well as now, is increasing day by day, it will help you live a comfortable and stable life.A typical example of banking is the opening of a deposit and withdrawal account.These days, you don’t have to visit the bank in person to open an account, but you can open an account conveniently and quickly anytime, anywhere using the app provided by each financial company, so you can use it without visiting a financial company.Woori Bank, my main bank, also provides various non-face-to-face services to open accounts using Woori WON banking as well as subscribe to deposits and installment savings, so if you are currently using Woori Bank or have plans to use it in the future, I recommend using Woori WON Banking.Some may think that there are not many types of accounts that can be opened non-face-to-face, but as various products are prepared for customers’ age or needs, they will be able to make a satisfactory choice.If you check Woori Bank’s smart banking app Woori Won Bank’s products, you will be able to check products such as deposits, installment savings, and deposit and withdrawal, but I think it is convenient to use as it is easy to find the desired product by distinguishing various products.If you look at deposit and withdrawal products that can be subscribed through Woori WON Banking, there are Woori SUPER’s main transaction account, Woori’s first salary account, and Won’s account.In the case of Won account, it has the advantage of being able to use it without any burden on fees for those who need frequent remittances or withdrawals because fee exemption benefits are provided just by opening an account.In addition, in the case of Woori Bank account, which is the first salary, unlimited fee exemption benefits are provided with one salary transfer.If you are a new member of society and need to open a payroll account, you can also see the fee exemption benefits while receiving your salary as the account through this product subscription.In order to open a non-face-to-face account at Woori Bank, you need an ID card, a mobile phone in your name, and account information.If you check the account opening process, you can first authenticate yourself with your mobile phone and then complete real-name authentication through identification and account authentication, but it will be easy for anyone to open a non-face-to-face account.Ketaseyo!
Event Announcement Currently, Woori Bank is opening a new non-face-to-face account!
Don’t forget to create a non-face-to-face account that can be conveniently opened anytime, anywhere and get benefits.As of June 20, 2021, this event will be held for customers who do not have Woori Bank accounts, and applications can be completed on the event page after opening a non-face-to-face deposit account through Woori Won Banking.The prizes will be presented to the first 10,000 people as Lotteria’s half-pack of boneless chicken. Speed is life to enter on a first-come, first-served basis!
Let’s check the announcement and prize presentation date three times in total.1st) July 16th (Fri) – June 21st to July 11th, 2nd) August 6th (Fri) – July 12th to August 1st, 3rd) August 27th (Fri)-August 2nd to August 22ndLooking at the precautions for the event, it is said that non-face-to-face accounts can only be opened with limited accounts with a daily withdrawal, transfer, and cancellation limit of 1 million won. However, if you submit evidence that matches the purpose of financial transactions and transaction details, you can release the limit-limited account service, so please refer to it!
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